About the plan

The Soldiers For Jesus Daily Bible Reading Plan is a simple and effective way to hold fast to God’s word. The plan involves reading one passage a day, five days a week.   The reading plan includes a weekly bible study called, “Going Deeper”, that is posted every Saturday. This bible study is simply to be used as a helpful tool to dig deeper into the scripture we read that week with the aim of growing our understanding of God’s truths and growing our heart’s affections towards our great God. There is no post or reading on Sundays in order to give you a day to meditate further on the reading of that week or to focus on the scripture you will be studying in your local church worship gathering.

The plan can be used from anywhere by simply going to this website.

For your convenience we recommend signing up to receive the reading as a daily email.  You can do this by filling out the form directly to the right of this page.

We’ve formatted this webpage specifically for mobile browsers, so please do not hesitate to use your Android Phone and/or iPhone to view the daily reading.

Finally, you can track your daily reading via a paper copy to keep in your bible. You can download and print it from HERE